Ruffa Gutierrez Does Not Want to Venture Into Politics

Ruffa Gutierrez denies plans to venture into politics.

Gutierrez happily shares that she was able to enjoy the freedom, while taking her Secrets and Spies: Modern Espionage and Intelligence summer course at King’s College.

The idea of taking the course was spawned by a lifelong dream to enter college, something which she was not able to pursue in the past for she started very young in showbiz.

When asked if her taking a short course was a prelude into eventually venturing into politics, she said no way, with everything that is happening now.

She described the course as a very fascinating course, especially after the recent controversy embroiled in by Edward Snowden.

He is a computer analyst for the US Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency, who purportedly leaked details of several top-secret United States and British government mass surveillance programs to the press.

It means that we are always being watched, said the mother of Lorin and Venice Bektas.

Ruffa was supposed to take up International Political Economy as her summer course but decided against it because she really wanted International Relations and Diplomacy.

International Political Economy is more of economics with World Bank, GDP and a lot of numbers which is something, she would really get bored with.

Although she had a clear idea that she wanted to improve academically, Ruffa, being the people person that she is, never wanted to let go of the social side of being in college.

Her classes were from Monday to Thursday, 9:00a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and during Thursday, they are off for the weekend.

When asked what really triggered her to finally set aside showbiz, fly to London and take up a summer course?

She originally went to Europe a month ago to shoot for a magazine cover and after the shoot was over, she had an idea to stay and go on a tour for at least a week just to recharge.

It was the opportunity for her to really pursue what she really wanted to do.

It was the best decision she ever made, saying that it is just something that she wanna keep on learning and she can impart it to her children, that education is really important.

She naturally did not share that much information about who she really was to her classmates.

Ruffa is actually considering to return next year to take up another course probably with some friends in tow.