Ruffa Gutierrez Goes Back to School

Actress-host Ruffa Gutierrez announced on Sunday that she recently went back to school.

The former beauty queen said she took a short course on Secrets and Spies, Modern Espionage and Intelligence in London.

She misses wearing t-shirt, jeans and sneakers everyday and the course is very fascinating.

Gutierrez decided to go back to school because she never had the chance to do it after graduating from high school.

She really wanted International Relations and Diplomacy, it is more of like economics with World Bank, GDP, a lot of numbers and wanted to also flourish not only academically but also socially.

Gutierrez has to stay in London alone for a month until she finishes the course.

It is her journey and it is time well spent because she can use the knowledge in the future.

It is also something that she wants to impart on her children, that education is important.

It is not in preparation for a future plan to enter politics here in the Philippines, Gutierrez added.

Meanwhile, she is still not closing her doors on love but she admitted that she really enjoys being single and she is very happy with her life now.

She is not answerable to anyone and she can do her thing.

If ever she wants to have somebody, the man has to love her and her kids.