Cesar Montano Denies Sunshine Cruz’s Accusation

Cesar Montano said that Sunshine Cruz’s rape accusation is preposterous.

Cruz said that Montano went to her house and raped her on Mother’s Day.

Montano’s legal counsel said his client vehemently denied the charges and prevarications leveled against him as contained in the complaint of Cruz.

The marital rape that Cruz alluded to was simply preposterous.

The lawyer claimed that Cruz invited Montano to join her and three daughters for dinner on May 12, Mother’s Day.

They had dined at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. After their dinner, Montano slept and stayed overnight at Cruz’ current residence and left the place the following day.

They even had exchanges of text messages of good nature, belying any animosity between them several days after the Mother’s Day celebration.

As to the issue on the custody of their children, it is actually the children’s preference that they stay at their family residence at Tivoli Royale.

And that Cruz is at liberty to see them anytime whether at the Tivoli residence or in the school where the children go to every day.

Cruz decided not to visit the girls, perhaps due to her hectic work schedule.

The lawyer also stressed that the application for a temporary protection order (TPO) was denied by the court last week and a hearing was set on Aug. 15.