Life Goes on for Actress Sunshine Cruz

After filing a complaint-affidavit against her ex-husband, Cesar Montano on Tuesday, business is as usual for Sunshine Cruz.

Cruz had no trace of loneliness on Wednesday, when she arrived at the ABS-CBN studio for the pictorial of her upcoming television series ‘Galema.’

Cruz said she had to put aside all her personal problems because she needs to work for her three daughters.

The actress also shares that she needs to save to buy a house for her and her kids.

Amid her legal battle, Cruz said she also draws strength from her family and friends who are supporting her.

She will not back off from this fight and she is willing to risk everything just to see her daughters.

Cruz shared that she received a message from her eldest daughter just before she went to the photo shoot.

If she has a choice, she will not file charges because people know how she protects Cesar, he is the father of here children and he is a good father to the kids.

Nevertheless, Cruz never tells her kids to hate their father but tell them to always respect their dad because he is their father.