Jericho Rosales & Kim Jones are Thinking of a Beach Wedding

A week after their much-talked engagement, Jericho Rosales and Kim Jones dished out that they are thinking of having a beach wedding, hopefully sometime next year.

Jones openly shared that she has already visualized her wedding gown in her head and that she is hoping that it materializes the way she imagined it to be.

Meanwhile, the actor had been planning to propose to Jones for four months now and he was already searching for the perfect engagement ring for her in his recent trip abroad.

Even if their actual wedding is still months away from taking place, Rosales has vowed that he will strive to be the best partner and father for his future wife and family.

He really gonna try his best to stay in shape because he promises her that when he is 60, he will still gonna be fit and strong for her and their future kids.

They would be enjoying each other’s company‚Äôs first before having kids, say two to three years from now.

Their relationship is a fairy-tale-like love story which started from pairing by their friends which led to moonlit talks by the sea, and then to a dreamy and moving proposal inside the church.

Jones said that she is blessed to have Rosales as the person who’s gonna be with her all the way.