Korina Sanchez Lacks One Thing to Complete Her

Korina Sanchez opens up about one thing she lacks to complete her.

Sanchez concedes only a child is lacking to complete her, although she is at the peak of her career.

After almost four years of marriage to Interior secretary Mar Roxas II, Korina remains childless.

The broadcast-journalist realizes that a child will be a big part of her life.

She is never a full-time for anything because she’s a gardener and perhaps even as a mother she will be everywhere still.

Meanwhile, she has no plans of retiring from work because it makes her happy.

Korina thanks ABS-CBN management for the chance to sit on the coveted anchor’s chair of the longest-running Philippine newscast, ‘TV Patrol.’

When asked about the secrte of TV Patrol’s longevity? Korina thinks the answer lies in the anchors’ chemistry.

They are very good friends and not only just good friends, they are real friends. And it really works for the chemistry.