Andi Eigenmann Shares that She Really Cares for Jake Ejercito

Actress Andi Eigenmann finally answered the most intriguing questions about her personal life.

Eigenmann has clarified that the son of former president and current Manila mayor Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada to former actress Laarni Enriquez, Jake Ejercito is not her boyfriend.

Although, they are currently better than ever, both agreed not to put a label on their relationship.

Nevertheless, she has been very vocal in saying that the young Ejercito is special for her and that she really cares for him.

As of now, they are still young and Jake is still studying while Andi is focusing on her career and on Ellie, her daughter.

They are just waiting for a perfect timing in their lives to make their relationship especial.

However, just because they are not official does not mean that she has no right to feel jealous when certain women are being linked to Jake.

Andi openly confessed that she initially harbored doubts towards Jake when the issue came out that he has been dating ‘It’s Showtime’ host Coleen Garcia.

But eventually, she has chosen not to be shaken by that rumor because she has still trust Jake so whatever he says, she believes on him.