Is Dennis Trillo so Secure in His Masculinity?

Some viewers of the new teleserye, ‘My Husband’s Lover’ are asking if Dennis Trillo is so secure in his masculinity?

Trillo said that he has no qualms about portraying gay roles.

He already played a cross-dresser in ‘Aishite Imasu 1941: Mahal Kita’ and it earned for him many acting awards.

He pulls off playing gays even if he is all male.

He shares that to be believable, he has to first believe in what he’s doing.

The actor forgets about himself and what people might think.

Trillo said that the series show the brighter side of life and love.

All are equal in love and it tries to exhibit love in its purest form.

The advantage of gays over men are they possess the sensitivity and compassion of both a man and a woman.

Gays can be protective like a brother yet nurturing like a sister.

If his son Calix turns out to be gay, he will not be ashamed of him.

He will accept, adjust and give him unconditional love.

If he was a gay, he wants to date Hollywood stars like James Franco and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

His message to gays who are stuck in the closet, they must come out and play because they live only once.