Sam Milby is not Pressured to be in a Relationship

Sam Milby admitted he is happy being single.

Milby is not also pressured to be in a relationship any time soon.

He shares that at 29, he’s still young and thinks that God has a plan on his staying single.

If he did have a love life right now and has a girlfriend, he is very focused, so there might be a reason.

Right now, he is just enjoying the many blessings that come his way.

As for his role as Eros in Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala, Sam admitted he really wanted his character to leave an impression with the viewers.

He really works hard for that role that he is playing.

Sam has also his inspirations when it comes to acting and one person he really admires as an actor is Heath Ledge, especially the role that he did in the movie, ‘Dark Knight.’

Sam said his role now in ‘Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala’ is more complex than his role in ‘Maging Sino Ka Man.’

Meanwhile, he is constantly practicing his second language.

He is his own critic and is very hard on himself.