Melanie Marquez Now Owns Large Tract of Land In US

Former beauty queen and actress Melanie Marquez now owns a large tract of land in the United States.

Marquez is now based in Utah with her husband Adam Lawyer who is a ranch owner.

The former Miss International winner is currently on a vacation with her children in the Philippines.

Her life is not as glamorous as before because she has been busy being a wife, a hands-on mom, and taking care of their farm.

She said that horseback riding has already become one of her favorite pastimes.

She also misses showbiz, but said her priority now is her family because her husband needs her in Utah.

But despite everything, she is now happy and contented.

Meanwhile, Marquez announced that there is an oil find at her Utah ranch and parts of the ranch have been leased by the U.S. for oil drilling.