Agot Isidro Clarifies Rumor About Break up

Agot Isidro declares that the rumored break up with her husband, is not true.

It has been ten years now that Agot is married to her husband Manu Sandejas. Manu is the brother of Paco Sandejas (husband of ‘Full Time Moms’ host Christine Jacob).

Manu Sandejas is the host of TV5’s sports show, Astig and a weatherman in the program, Aksyon.

Agot is presently working in ABS-CBN’s newest afternoon soap Nasaan Ka Elisa?. She’s playing a role of Melissa Ricks’ mother.

Maria Margarita Amada Fteha Isidro is the real name of Agot Isidro. She is a recording artist, television/movie actress and an endorser.