Xian Lim Finds it Hard to Answer Questions Regarding Kim Chiu

Actor Xian Lim refuses to answer questions about Kim Chiu.

Lim finds it hard to answer people who keep on asking about the real score between him and onscreen partner.

The actor is asked the same question all the time and he feels it is not yet time to talk about that matter.

He considers himself new in the industry and the movie, ‘Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo’ is only his first movie project.

Lim thinks that the status of their relationship will be known at a certain time in the future.

Besides, if he talks about his relationship with Chiu now, people may think that they are merely promoting their first full-length movie as a love team.

During their recent guesting on ‘KrisTV,’ Chiu and Lim admitted that they are exclusively seeing each other but they continue to express discomfort about putting a label to the relationship.

Meanwhile, Director Joyce Bernal dispels romantic angle between Kim and Xian and Bernal thinks that they are only good friends.

Both stars portray bruised survivors of failed romances in ‘Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo.’