Bea Alonzo Shares why Her Relationship to Mico Palanca Fails

Bea Alonzo admitted that her former boyfriend, Mico Palanca was a ‘bad boyfriend to her.’

Alonzo is not saying that Palanca is a bad person.

This was Bea Alonzo’s candid thoughts about actor Mico Palanca, when the actress was interviewed by YES! magazine in its July 2013 issue.

She openly recalled why their relationship had failed and she enumerated numerous incompatibilities between them, five years after their break-up in 2008.

They started getting acquainted when they co-starred in the 2002 television series ‘K2BU’ and later, they both worked in the primetime series, ‘It Might Be You.’

The actor courted her for four years but it did not work because of their 10-year age gap as among the reasons.

When Palanca started courting her, Alonzo was only a teenager, who was starting to establish herself as an actress while the actor was not particularly passionate with the craft, according to her.

He was so much older than Bea and he has other priorities, so it was not really a good relationship.

Bea’s work is her passion while Mico wants to work for money and Palanca is not proud of her achievement even as they became a couple.

Alonzo hit a stride in her career to become one of the most sought after leading ladies of her generation, after the success of her team-up with John Lloyd Cruz in ‘Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay.’

Aside from her their apparent mismatch in terms of career, Alonzo said she was often felt out of place in Palanca’s ‘world’ and it was also one of the reasons why their relationship could not seem to work.

She was also bothered that she could not get along with his friends, and him with hers.

They had so many issues, they had always drink and it was not Bea’s world because she did not want to go out.

She does not want to compare but when you are in a relationship, her boyfriend’s friends are also her friends and all of them want to reach out for her, referring to her current boyfriend, actor Zanjoe Marudo.

She admitted that she was not used to conversing in English as much as Palanca was with his group of friends and Bea laughed when the term ‘nosebleed’ was brought up.

The actress recalled Palanca’s family always treating her kindly but she admitted to be left wanting in terms of her boyfriend’s attention.

Alonzo said she was dealing with many insecurities, and somehow didn’t find the much-needed encouragement from her own boyfriend during those times.