Matteo Guidicelli Opens Up about Rumored Romance with Sarah Geronimo

Matteo Guidicelli clears up rumored romance with Sarah Geronimo.

Some people have been speculating about Guidicelli and Geronimo, who developed an onstage chemistry when they had their recent concert tour in the US.

The actor said they just had good shows in America and it was a great experience performing with the Popstar Princess.

He admires everything about her because she is a wonderful person.

Matteo feels happy that people appreciate what they did in the States and he is very blessed to have worked with the singer-actress.

He used to have a huge crush on Sarah and even watched one of her shows in the past but it was five years ago.

Now, he is open to doing a TV soap with Sarah, if given the chance because any work with her is a great opportunity.

With regard to his misunderstanding with Jessy Mendiola, Matteo said that he did not mean to hurt anyone because of his determination to stay focused on his personal interests.

He does not want to hurt anybody and for him, everything that people do in life is a learning experience and everything that he goes through makes him a better person.

It is jut a matter of prioritizing things, he explained.

Meanwhile, Matteo never made a commitment with Jessy Mendiola and he does not have any bad blood with his former Paraiso co-star.

They are still friends and they work together for an endorsement.

Matteo said that making a commitment is not something that needs to be rushed.

He hopes that someday it will come.