Ogie Alcasid is Torn Between GMA Network & Manny Pangilinan

Some people are asking if singer-comedian Ogie Alcasid is leaving GMA Network for TV5?

Alcasid is with GMA-7 for 18 years and it is already his home for the past two decades but he reportedly met with GMA executives last June and last week to inform them about his decision.

GMA Network admitted that Alcasid is leaving the station and Ogie is moving on to explore new grounds.

GMA Network wishes him all the best and thank him for being a part of the Network’s success all these years.

He is one of the popular comedians of GMA Network and his achievements as a singer, songwriter, comedian, host and actor make Ogie the icon.

Ogie said he was torn between his loyalty to GMA Network and his close ties with his wedding sponsor, Manny Pangilinan, chair of TV5.

It is his main reason why he is leaving the Network.