Billy Crawford Says Nikki Gil Tries to Save their Relationship

Singer-host Billy Crawford confirms and opens up about his break-up with girlfriend Nikki Gil.

Crawford explained there is no third party involved in the split, in an interview on Sunday with ‘The Buzz.’

He admits that he is completely lost and he forgets who he is, after nearly 26 years of being in the entertainment industry.

He wants to search and he asks Nikki to give him the chance to find himself because it is difficult and it already hurts her.

Crawford asks everyone, do not blame Nikki because she has no fault. She tries hard to save the relationship but to no avail.

Crawford also explained that he is not the perfect guy and does things that he regrets and Nikki is there, supporting and understanding him all the way.

But Crawford went on to explain that he was unable to make Nikki happy during the latter part of their relationship.

He did not answer question whether he has fallen out of love with Gil or if they outgrew each other but said he does not want to be unfair to her.

Meanwhile, Crawford is set to reunite with his parents in the United States on August. He wants to explain his side before leaving the country.