Coco Martin Denies Getting Married Abroad

Actor Coco Martin says he is very much single.

A nasty rumor has been circulating that the actor gets married in Canada and according to his passport status, Martin is said to be married.

Some Newspapers also reported that the actor had gotten married a few years ago.

They also remembered that Coco once admitted to having worked as a janitor at a bingo parlor in Alberta, Canada before entering showbiz.

During the Yahoo! OMG! Awards held Friday night where he won Actor of the Year, he asked the media where they got the information.

He explained his need to keep making hay while the sun shines because he is the breadwinner of the family.

He also explained that maybe the rumor have sprung from his Canadian tour with fellow Kapamilya stars Maja Salvador and Angeline Quinto during the last quarter of 2011.

The humble actor admits that he takes it all in stride in handling the rumors of that nature and his family has learned to accept the intrigues as part of his work as an actor.