Dingdong Dantes Denies Marian Rivera’s Pregnancy Issue

Dingdong Dantes quickly denies the pregnancy issue of his girlfriend.

Dantes is the long-time boyfriend of Marian Rivera, who is now rumored to be pregnant.

An speculation has been going around on line that an actress with an initial of ‘MR’ is now on the family way.

The actor said in an interview with ABS-CBN News that Rivera is not pregnant but if ever a baby comes their way in the future, they will welcome the child with open arms.

Rivera also denied that there is a baby on the way. She will be the one to announce it in her Instagram account if indeed she gets pregnant because it is also her dream to have a child one day.

Meanwhile, actresses Mariel Rodriguez and Maricar Reyes, who also have denied that they are the female star in question because they have also the initials of ‘MR.’