Robin Padilla & BB Gandanghari Finally Patch Things Up

Carmina Villaroel is extremely happy now that Robin Padilla and his brother Rustom Padilla seemed to finally patched things up.

Robin posted a photo in the image-sharing site Instagram, showing Gandanghari in a hospital bed and for the first time, he referred to Gandanghari as his sister.

Villaroel reacts to Robin-BB reconciliation and said that it just goes to show that blood is thicker than water and both just need the right time to settle their differences.

Carmina also advises Gandanghari to always ‘be true to himself all the time.’

The actress-host was previously married to Rustom, who is now more known as BB Gandanghari.

Meanwhile, Villaroel and Rustom tied the knot in 1994, but separated in 1996 and their marriage was annulled in 2002.

Rustom publicly admitted his sexual preference in 2006 on the reality TV series ‘Pinoy Big Brother.’

He then left for the United States and returned to the Philippines as Gandanghari.

Currently, Villaroel is now married to actor-host Zoren Legaspi, after staying together for 14 years and they have two children.