E.R. Ejercito Has Pursued Angel Locsin

E.R. Ejercito is set for the next Metro Manila Film Festival with leading lady Angel Locsin.

Ejeccito has pursued Locsin to play Maria Makiling in his 2014 MMFF entry.

The said entry is a remake of Pedro Penduko and it will be directed by Erik Matti.

Meanwhile, KC Concepcion is Estregan’s leading lady in their 2013 movie entry, ‘Boy Golden.’

Concepcion’s acting in the movie was sharp, distinct and admirable.

She is a sweetie-sweetie actress but she engaged in a violent hand-to-hand combat.

KC showcased such credibility in martial arts that you have to give credit to fight directors Seng Kawee (Thailand), Larry Ang and Miguel Vasquez, especially since the fight scenes are smooth and distinct from action scenes you have seen in other movies.

While the drama in ‘Boy Golden’ is serious, it has touch of comedy that makes the movie greatly entertaining.

The dialogues between Boy Golden (Jeorge Estregan) and KC are tinctured with sharp, blunt, and casual exchanges.

E.R. Ejercito is currently the governor of Laguna.

He envisions the province to be one of the most advanced agro-industrialized economies in the country with its people enjoying the basic comforts of life such as housing, education, socio-cultural and recreational facilities.