Sunshine Cruz Sets Husband Cesar Montano Free

Sunshine Cruz has already dropped the ‘Montano’ in her Twitter user name.

As Cesar Montano and Krista Miller’s controversy continues, Cruz decides to say goodbye to her husband.

Cruz said, she just realized that she did everything for the man she loved for the past thirteen years.

She fought, lied, and cried just to protect the love of her life but people say if you love the man, set him free and give him freedom.

Cruz and husband Montano have reportedly been having problems in their marriage after their daughter discovered Montano’s photos with ‘starlet’ Krista Miller in the latter’s Instagram account.

In her latest interview with TV Patrol last March 11, Sunshine just wants to be happy right now.

She does not regret anything that she has done in her life.

She thinks what she is doing is the best and all her decisions are correct.

The former actress is now focusing herself to work and now refuses to say anything about the Krista Miller-Cesar Montano issue.

That rumored affair was one of the biggest issues in the social and print media a few months ago.

It came out during the filming of the movie, ‘The Turning Cradle: The Untold Story of Mayor Alfred Lim.’

Meanwhile, Cesar and Krista denied the allegation in their previous interview.

Krista denies everything about Cesar.

According to her, it is just an speculation and there is no truth behind that issue.

Cesar is now keeping his silence regarding the matter after his taped interview on ‘The Buzz’ a couple of weeks ago