Luis Manzano & Angel Locsin Want To Work Things Out

Luis Manzano shrugged off the negative reactions from people criticizing his and Angel Locsin’s decision.

Manzano and Locsin want to give their failed relationship another chance.

The couple broke up more than three years ago and had been involved with different people, Angel with Azkals team captain Phil Younghusband while Luis with Kapuso star Jennylyn Mercado.

Luis does not care about the opinion of other people.

Angel revealed last week that she is still in love with Luis, the son of Batangas Governor and Star For All Seasons Vilma Santos-Recto with former matinee idol Edu Manzano.

Luis said that the right terms for their romance now is rekindled.

It does not mean that they loved their previous partners any less.

But Luis maintained he and Angel are not back in each other’s arms.

At least, not just yet but they are slowly working things out, since they want to settle a lot of things that went wrong in their relationship before.

Luis said they will be open to the public if they reconcile and got back together.

Besides, they cannot possibly keep it because a lot of people are focused on them now and watching their every move.

The two have not spoken for two to three years since they broke up, so this revelation is a nice surprise for Luis.

Luis wants a more open communication with Angel now since that was their problem before.

Sometimes, they mean well but is unable to communicate their feelings to each other, Luis said.

That is why there were a lot of misunderstandings back then.

In their past relationships, it seems they both learned how to communicate well, the TV host added.

Luis admitted he visited Angel on New Year, but was not able to talk to her.

He visited again a number of times after that and this time, Luis went earlier.

He is happy that her relatives are still warm to him despite what happened before.

They are still very welcoming to Luis, he added.

If ever they got back together again, is Luis open to having a project with Angel?

He said it would be better if she will just be a guest on his show, ‘Minute To Win It’ or ‘Deal or No Deal.’

But the TV host said no to teleseryes, movies and such.