Shalani Soledad Still Hopes to Get Pregnant

Shalani Soledad-Romulo still wants to get pregnant after first wedding anniversary.

The ‘Game ‘N Go’ co-host and her husband, Pasig City congressman Roman Romulo celebrated their first wedding anniversary on Tuesday with a dinner.

After their wedding last year, the couple wanted a baby immediately but until now, they still dream to have a child.

The politician-TV host says that it is because of their busy schedules.

It can even get more hectic as the couple prepare for their reelection bids in the coming elections.

They have been advised to consult a doctor for possible fertility issues.

But as of this time, she still thinks it as premature and it is too early to get into it.

Some of her relatives in Valenzuela also suggest to them to do a fertility dance in Obando, Bulacan.

Soledad and her husband mull fertility dance in Obando.

At first, she dismissed the idea with a laugh, but these days she no longer finds it silly.

The festivities in Obando start on May 17, few days after the elections.

But Shalani will leave it all up to God and she believes the power of prayers.