Richard Gutierrez Says Sarah Lahbati is Not Pregnant

Richard Gutierrez explains that his girlfriend Sarah Lahbati is not pregnant.

Gutierrez already misses his girlfriend and plans to visit her in Switzerland when his schedule permits it.

Lahbati left showbiz indefinitely to pursue her studies in Switzerland.

Some people speculated that the Kapuso starlet was just trying to get away from the public eye to hide her alleged pregnancy.

Guttierrez denied the rumor and did not see why it became a big deal.

The actor said that someone just spread it and all of a sudden, people were asking him about it.

There is nothing to talk about it because Sarah is just vacationing, unwinding and spending quality time with her family, he added.

Meanwhile, other people said that Sarah was noticeably plumper and she was probably hiding a baby bump under loose clothing when she boarded a plane last January 13.

Richard admitted that he was with Sarah at the airport.

He was not in the mood to elaborate on the pregnancy issue or talk other personal matters involving him and his girlfriend.

Sarah is also embroiled in a legal mess with her home network GMA 7, which has filed a P7-million civil suit for breach of contract against her.

A GMA7 executive has also filed a libel suit against Sarah for linking her to alleged ‘under-the-table deals’ with a management group.

Sarah has Richard’s full support because he knows what she has been through but he said that he is torn between Sarah and GMA 7.

He just hope that everything turns out well at the end.

Sarah is Richard’s leading lady in their coming film ‘Seduction’ with Solenn Heussaff.