Geoff Eigenmann & Carla Abellana Have Yet to Discuss Wedding Plans Soon

Geoff Eigenmann said he is not in favor of long engagements.

Everything is going well between him and girlfriend Carla Abellana but Eigenman noted that they have yet to discuss plans of settling down soon.

Geoff and Carla are dating for almost three years now.

But when he proposes to his girl, the actor wants everything to be in its proper place and one should be emotionally prepared.

After the proposal, the wedding will be scheduled after 3 to 6 months.

Geoff also wants to have his house before getting married.

He is currently residing with her mother Gina Alajar.

Right now, his main focus is his showbiz career and he is busy with his newest afternoon series ‘Forever’ opposite Heart Evangelista.

The actor likes the idea of working again with Carla in another series.

Geoff and Carla met while doing ‘Rosalinda’ in the Kapuso channel.

Geoff and Carla do not meddle in each other’s career.

He is not jealous when Carla is partnered with another guy.

It is the nature of their work and there is no reason to get jealous and it was never a problem for them.

As much as possible, he does not like kissing scenes but if a movie or a scene calls for it, they will do it and can go with the flow.