Sarah Lahbati Has a Misunderstanding With the People Handling Her Career

Sarah Lahbati is going back to Switzerland.

Lahbati says she has a misunderstanding with the people handling her career.

She feels neglected and that her back is against the wall.

The actress has signed with Annabelle Rama’s Royale Artist and Rama now serves as her co-manager with GMA Artist Center because she needs someone to protect and help her well-being in this cut-throat industry.

According to her, Annabelle only wants the best for her and with her years of experience and success in the industry, she knows that she is the right person to help her.

Sarah did not sign with the Icons because another 15 percent will be deducted from the 25 percent that GMAAC deducted from her salary.

They found that the deduction is already too steep for someone who just started such as herself.

She and her family decided that she will go back to Switzerland and study there.

But this does not mean that she will be gone from the industry and craft that she loves but it is just a breather from all the chaos.

Meanwhile, people are asking what about Sarah’s relationship with boyfriend Richard Gutierrez?