Kim Chiu is No Longer Romantically Interested in Gerald Anderson

Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson’s past relationship was brought up after two years since they worked together in a movie.

Kim and Gerald prove that despite parting ways in real life, they still have the onscreen chemistry that made them one of the hottest love teams of their generation.

Chiu and Anderson’s love team was one of the most anticipated because people wondered whether or not their reunion project could spark a romance once again.

The Kimerald fans and the local press wonder if there is a chance that the two could get back together in the future.

Gerald said that his heart is open to all possibilities.

But Kim explained that she and Gerald are now better off as friends.

She further shared that she is no longer romantically interested in Gerald, who happens to be her first love.

It was a good sign for Kim because they were able to catch up like old times.