Shalani Soledad Wants to Play Santa on Christmas

All Shalani Soledad-Romulo wants for Christmas is to play ‘Santa’.

It is a breeze for someone as generous as Shalani, the politician and host for the TV5 show ‘Game ‘N Go.’

She gathers carolers yearly in Valenzuela City to perform for her and her family.

Shalani is married to Pasig City Representative Roman Romulo, the son of former Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo in January this year.

Shalani thinks that Christmas centers on family, which is why she wants to give only the best gifts to her loved ones.

This Christmas, she wants to give her husband Roman a vacation.

For her 5-year old niece, she wants to give her a bike and for her mother a secret gift.

It may be better to give than to receive but when asked what she wants for Christmas, she says she only wants something simple.

And her personal wish for the New Year is to be able to wake up earlier because she has plenty of things to do.

Meanwhile, Shalani is running for a seat in congress this coming May 2013 elections.