Onyok Velasco Suggests That Manny Pacquiao Will Set His Other Priorities

Former boxing champion Onyok Velasco offers advice to Manny Pacquiao.

This is when Manny Pacquiao expresses interest to face Juan Mauel Marquez for the 5th time.

Velasco has suggested that Manny would set aside his other priorities and concentrate on training only.

Velasco is an Olympic medalist.

He thinks that Pacquiao’s other duties as representative of Sarangani province and as TV host might have affected the amount of training he was able to put into his sport the last time he fought Marquez.

During Velasco’s stint at the 1996 Summer Olympics, where he won a silver medal, he was not allowed to do interviews while in training.

His coaches would rather study his opponent and help him practice for the fight.

Velasco was also shocked over Pacquiao’s knockout like many other boxers because he
thought that Pacquiao would recover after he sent Marquez reeling in the third round.

For Velasco, it was no ‘lucky punch’ as Pacquiao reportedly puts it but Marquez really prepared for it.

Despite Pacquiao’s loss and amid debates on whether or not the People‚Äôs Champ should now retire, Velasco is optimistic that Pacquiao can still bounce back.