Angelica Panganiban Discovers John Lloyd Cruz’s Attitude Towards Work

Angelica Panganiban is amazed by boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz’s work ethics and attitude towards work.

Panganiban made this discovery while taping for their first ever movie team-up ’24/7 in Love.’

The actress also credited him with a number of improvements that she has observed in her own professional demeanor.

Meanwhile, Angelica spent her 26th birthday last November 4 with John Lloyd.

It was surely a happy and memorable one having spent it with the actor for the first time as lover in Tokyo, Japan.

They dined at the Joël Robuchon restaurant and had many other activities there.

John Lloyd also made a personal appearance on the actress’ birthday special on ‘Banana Split Extra Scoop’ last Saturday night.

He hugged her and gave her a bouquet of flowers, and kissed her on the cheek and forehead.

He also hosted a birthday dinner party for Angelica which was attended by her closest friends and family members.