John Pratts is Happy For Ex- Girlfriend Bianca Manalo

John Pratts is happy for her former girlfriend Bianca Manalo.

Prats is glad to hear that Bianca Manalo, is now dating model Carlo Gonzales.

The actor is not bothered that Bianca immediately found a new love few months after they ended their relationship because he believes that if the right person comes along, one should immediately grab the chance and be happy for it.

When asked about his romantic life, the actor/host said

Meanwhile, when asked about his personal life, he is keen to stay single for awhile.

He does not want to hurry things and wants to enjoy his bachelor status. he is happy now with friends.

There is no longer a possibility for him to rekindle his off-screen romance with his former girlfriend.

He never tries dating his ex-flames again but if there’s one person whom he thinks fits the bill, it would be his first love, actress Heart Evangelista but he does not want to give comments on Heart’s on-going relationship with Chiz Escudero.

Nevertheless, he believes the right girl will come along and if that happens, he said, he will never let her go.