KC Montero & Rhian Ramos Still Refuse to Make Their Relationship Official

KC Montero says relationship with Rhian Ramos is less stressful.

They like hanging out together and like to go to the mall to watch movies and they like to watch TV together when they don’t go out.

KC also likes to spend time in Rhian’s house in Alabang and likes hanging out with Rhian’s mom because she is very fun.

Although they refuse to make it official but Montero and Ramos are now very open about their special relationship.

Montero and Ramos came from a well-publicized breakup with their former partners and the couple is taking their time and would only admit to dating each other exclusively.

When asked about his love life, KC gave a reply, it is okay and he is happy.

In contrast to Rhian’s last relationship with former boyfriend Mo
Twister, KC appears to have a very good relationship with Mommy Clara and Rhian’s mom had only good words to say about KC.

Meanwhile, Geneva Cruz, KC’s estranged wife, is aware of the relationship.

Geneva wants them to be happy and it’s just the same for them, they also want Geneva to be happy.