Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dissolution of Marriage is Caused By His ‘Secrecy’

Arnold Schwarzenegger was keeping many secrets from wife Maria Shriver.

Schwarzenegger’s lifelong penchant for secrecy put his emotions ‘on deep freeze’ and led him to keep many secrets from his wife.

It also caused the dissolution of their marriage when he admitted that he fathered a child with their family’s housekeeper.

He kept the secret from his wife for years because he was worried it would get out.

He also feared Maria would overreact and tell her friends.

In their 25 years of married life, the actor says he did not want to tell Shriver about crucial life decisions like major heart surgery and running for California governor.

In ‘Total Recall,’ his new autobiography, the former governor acknowledges that his inability to be honest with people has hurt his wife.

He became an expert in living in denial because of his detachment to his body-building days, where emotions would make athletes lose.

He also admits to keep her in the dark about many career decisions.

But Schwarzenegger praises his wife Shriver throughout.
He describes her in the book as a partner and friend who was essential to his success.

But now, he says that his marriage and his family are the most important things in his life although he caused them tremendous pain.