Manny Pacquiao Has Not Decided on Who to Fight in November

Manny Pacquiao is still undecided on whether to fight Timothy Bradley in November this year.

Pacquiao told a handful of scribes on Tuesday that he has not decided on who to fight on November 11.

He said that there is only one sure thing, he will be up against a boxer but does not comment whether he would grant Timothy Bradley a rematch or giving Juan Manuel Marquez a fourth shot.

The boxer is fresh from a vacation in Israel and France.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao might choose between Bradley and Marquez and the 33-year-old boxer kept his cards close to his chest.

But Bradley’s camp is hoping that Pacquiao decides to face him next and Bradley is aching to share the limelight again with Pacquiao, after the controversial ending of their June 9 title clash where Bradley was the recipient of a split decision win over Pacquiao.

Bradley’s manager said that Bradley also is eager to show that he deserved the win but everything is all up to Manny.

Bob Arum will be arriving in the country in early-August to discuss Pacquiao’s future fights.