BB Gandanghari is Willing to Have a Serious Talk With His Brother Robin Padilla

BB Gandanghari wants to talk to his younger brother Robin Padilla.

Gandanghari has not had a serious talk with Robin since she came out of the closet.

She wishes they can talk sooner one of these days and for sure, he will be dressed and made up.

Meanwhile, she also confessed that her transsexual status has not totally sunk into her mother, Eva Cariño’s consciousness.

Cariño sometimes refer to her as good old son Rustom Padilla.

BB hopes her siblings will understand and accept her new-found identity.

She is currently part of the series, ‘Enchanted Kingdom’ and portraying Michiko, a kimono-clad spa owner who safeguards the passage between the mortal world and the mystical realm of Eden.n w