Annabelle Rama’s Action Turns Off So Many People at Dolphy’s Wake

Annabelle Rama’s latest controversy at Dolphy’s wake turned off a lot of people.

Rama allegedly chased Chito Alcid, the entertainment columnist with a cane.

But Annabelle tried to justify her actions and believed that Alcid was one with her ‘enemy,’ Amalia Fuentes.

Amalia said that Annabelle has been provoking her at her late husband’s wake, at the court, Erap’s birthday party, and at Dolphy’s wake.

Amalia will not stoop down to Annabelle’s level and she has no intention to match her foul mouth and uncivilized behavior.

Meanwhile, Annabelle has apologized to Dolphy’s family, especially to last life partner, Zsa Zsa Padilla, for what had happened at the Heritage Park