John Estrada Grows Up Watching ‘FlordeLuna’

John Estrada revealed he was just a fan of Janice de Belen in ‘Flordeluna’ and he grew up watching her in the show.

Janice was the former child star and was popular in her role as Flordeluna of the said television hit series, with the same title.

They got married and became parents of their four children.

At first, he admired Janice because she has a beautiful face and she knew how to act.

It was only, when they got to work together in the popular 80’s sitcom ‘Palibhasa Lalake,’ where she became a guest star and they started to become close friends.

Their close friendship led them to become a couple. Janice got pregnant and bore their first child and it prompted them to get married at that time.

John refused to detail the cause of his separation from his former wife but admitted, having a rocky relationship with one child, when she and Janice separated in 2001.

John now is married to beauty queen, Priscilla Meirelles and they have one child.