Ruffa Gutierrez Says He Cannot Erase Her Past

Ruffa Gutierrez says she cannot erase her past but she can rewrite her future.

This is in relation to her resigning as one of the hosts of TV5’s ‘Paparazzi,’ a showbiz oriented talk-show where she had a birthday celebration episode.

She was briefed before the show with a simple overview of the program flow but was not provided with specific questions, no line up of guests because it was full of surprises.

The ‘Bulungan’ portion, was the segment where questions were whispered to her ears. The questions were referred to the male actors she had have been linked to, in her late teens- Zoren Legaspi, Robin Padilla and Aga Muhlach.

It started with the first question and she was absolutely shocked at the sexual content of the question.

She showed discomfort immediately but tried to be a good sport and played along but the rest of the questions got worse, they were pertaining to male private parts and sexual behavior.

The questions may have been whispered, but they were resonating loudly as offensive, vulgar and degrading to a person.

After the show, she knew right then and there that she would never come back to Paparazzi.