Alma Antonio of ‘Isla’ is Now a Taxi Driver in Metro Manila

Alma Antonio, the former bold star is now a taxi driver in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Antonio exchanges the light and glamor of show business for a career that requires a different skill, which is driving a taxi.

The actress starred in the 1996 remake of Celso Ad Castillo’s movie, ‘Isla.’

When she was still in showbiz, Antonio took on small roles to support herself financially.

Then, she was discovered by director Celso Ad Castillo, who took notice of her appeal.

The director said Antonio was a real trooper and had a tremendous appeal in the screen.

She starred in several other films, taking on sexy roles but her career was put on hold when her boyfriend got her pregnant.

Antonio moved to Canada and gave birth there. While she was in Canada, she also worked part-time as a driver and caregiver.

She tried to returned to the country in the hope of settling down with the father of her child but she found out that her boyfriend has already moved on and already had another relationship with another woman.

She then, left the country again and tried to work in Japan where she worked as a singer.

When she went home in the Philippines, she trained with the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority to become a professional bus driver and in 2011 she was accredited as professional driver with 12 other women.