Sarah Geronimo Appreciates Gerald Anderson Who Goes Out of His Way to Face Her Parents

There is a repeat for Sarah Geronimo’s ’24/SG’ The Birthday Concert which will be held on July 7 and 21 this year.

It is a blessing to Sarah Geronimo, because it means that her fans and followers demand more performances from her.

Geronimo is on her way to seal her name in showbiz industry and she actually deserves it.

Her third movie with Gerald Anderson should be one of her priorities this year.

Meanwhile, Gerald Anderson is happy that the Sarah is more open now about her feelings and their special friendship.

Anderson has always been open about his feelings for Sarah and he is grateful to her parents for giving him a chance to know Sarah better.

Sarah, on the other hand, said she appreciates how Gerald goes out of his way to formally face her parents.

They don’t see each other often because they’re busy with their work.

Sarah is preparing for her birthday concert on July 7 and 21, while Gerald has been busy with overseas commitments and work on the indie film ‘El Brujoā€¯’with Jake Cuenca.