Zsa Zsa Admits that She Has Been Attracted to Older Men

Zsa Zsa admits that she has been attracted to older men.

Padilla revealed that she met Dolphy at Bistro Lorenzo in Greenhills and was asked to do a US tour with him and to do movies, for RVQ Productions, ‘Mga Anak ni Facifica Falayfay’ and ‘Black Magic’ for Seiko Films.

Their relationship started after she got feed up of hearing their rumored ‘relationship’ and she thought of living up to the accusations and so it happened.

She said it was a dark phase of her life and she was having problems with her then husband.

Dolphy was there to console her about the conflict with her ex husband.

The comedian would often get jealous with her booming career and with her projects with different leading men.

Their first two years together were tough times, since they kept on fighting but love won in the end.

It has been more than 20 years now of their being together but when Dolphy is sick, she gets so afraid of losing him.

Meanwhile, Dolphy describes Zsa Zsa as sweet, caring and thoughtful and she learns to love all Dolphy’s children and she’s supportive to all of them.

If Dolphy is given the chance, he still hopes to marry Zsa Zsa because she is his last and greatest love.