Amalia Fuentes Says She Does Not need to Work to Earn a Living

Ruffa Gutierrez and Amalia Fuentes met face to face in court but refused to talk to each other on Tuesday.

Gutierrez submitted her counter-affidavit to Fuentes’s libel suit against her and she refused to give any comment to media.

Fuentes said she does not need to work just to earn a living.

Amalia filed 11 counts of libel against Annabelle for the nasty tweets

Amalia was interviewed during her face-off in court with Annabelle’s daughter, who’s the respondent to another libel case she had filed.

Ruffa claimed that she was not referring to Amalia in her tweet and she was referring to someone else.

She also said that she chose to remain quiet, out of respect to the authorities and besides, breeding cannot be measured by words spoken but by behavior.

Earlier Annabelle challenged the the actress to work and Amalia said, she does not need to work just to earn a living and if she does not like the project like ‘Monster Mom.’

Amalia also had based her complaint against Ruffa on an article posted on a newspaper, where she was named.