Gladys Reyes Returns to Television in a ‘Fantaserye’

Gladys Reyes is happy to return to the television via a fantaserye.

Reyes is a member of the MTRCB and she always guides her kids on what kind of shows to watch.

Meanwhile, Reyes is known for portraying ‘kontrabida’ roles since the days of the original ‘Mara Clara.’

After her role as a kind and loving mom in her previous project, Wako-wako, Gladys is excited in portraying the role of kontrabida again, in another fantasy series.

The actress will be playing the role of Dolores in TV5’s upcoming fantaserye, ‘Enchanted Garden’ and will make life miserable for Aya, who is played by Alex Gonzaga.

Gladys will be joined by BB Gandanghari and Zoren Legaspi in the said fantaserye.