Patricia Javier is Back & Ready to Accept Sexy Roles

Patricia Javier is back in the country.

Javier, reportedly flew in from San Diego recently.

She said that she really misses showbiz and that if there is a good project for her in the country, she would not hesitate to do it.

For now, the actress who was re-launched in 1999 as a sexy actress, is content with visiting her family and continuing her charity works.

Javier plans to participate in the current projects of BKP (Books for Kids in the Philippines).

In the US, she helped battered women and people who were in need of medical attention.

Javier met Dr. Rob Walcher, his current husband, while on tour in the US in 2003.

After she got married, she was a stay-at-home mother caring for their two children who are now 7 and 2.

Meanwhile, the actress said that she misses doing drama, TV guestings and and those stars she worked with in showbiz.

She is a fan of Maja Salvador, Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson.

Javier also mentioned Cristine Reyes because of her sister Ara Mina.

Quite a pretty controversial selection if you ask her.

She said, she remembers Cristine’s ate Mina when both of them are dancing,.

She used to go to their house to have their practice and Cristine is a big star now.

Quite the controversial selection indeed.

In the meantime, Javier also did not close the doors to doing sexy roles if offered a project.

She just has a condition to do it, though.

Javier does not choose her roles because she believes that the essence of being an actor is accepting roles if you can stand by your portrayal.