Aiza Seguerra Sees Herself In Ryzza Mae Dizon

Aiza Seguerra is part of the cast of ‘My Little Bossing.’

Seguerra said that she sees herself in Ryzza Mae Dizon when she was the girl’s age and she was impressed by Ryzza’s working habit.

She is also a product of the Little Miss Philippines tilt, Aiza started her showbiz career as a child star.

Like Ryzza, she started in Eat Bulaga and was a protege of Bossing Vic.

Meanwhile, James Yap is not allowed in the premiere showing and special preview of his son, Bimby Aquino Yap’s first movie ‘My Little Bossings,’

It is a Metro Manila Filmfest entry starring Kris Aquino, Vic Sotto, Jacklyn Jose, Aiza Seguerra and introducing Bimby and fellow child star Ryzza Mae Dizon.

It was Kris policy not to involve James in whatever activity relating to the said movie.

She also suggested during the press conference, that in the layout of the movie, only the pictures of Vic Sotto and the two introducing child stars will be featured

Director Marlon Rivera said the film is not just a family movie.

There is more to it. It is a comedy and heartwarming because of the scenes between Kris and Vic Sotto and the children.