Isko Moreno’s Joining Pres. Joseph Estrada Will Backfire Against Him?

Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim planned to groom Vice Mayor Isko Moreno to be the next mayor of the city.

But former President Joseph Estrada makes the decision on running as mayor in 2013 and plans to make Isko, his running mate.

People surely recognize this act of unpredictability by the former actor.

Isko’s decision made people’s conclusion that Isko does not know yet what he wants.

It seems that he has no sense of direction, considering that Isko has already given so much for the city.

Instead of Isko running against the former President, he made himself available as Erap’s running mate.

Now, some people are asking, ‘will Isko’s joining Erap backfire against him in the future?’