Jake Cuenca Talks About Past Relationships

Why Roxanne Ginoo and Melissa Ricks are mad at Jake Cuenca?

Cuenca talks about his past relationships on ‘Buzz ng Bayan.’

He admitted there are moments when he could not understand why her former girlfriends, actresses Roxanne and Melissa are still mad at him up to now.

Sometimes he does not understand why they are mad because for a lot of reasons, he can be mad also for a few things, he said.

The actor however, said he is fully aware why he is still not in good terms with the two women following their breakup.

He knew that he did them wrong and he never denied that but he was so in love at that time.

He had been be so passionate and would love this person and mamahalin ko talaga siya ng parang walang bukas and then one day, parang I fell out of love, he explained.

Cuenca also thinks it is unfortunate that his girlfriends’ parents have a bad impression of him.

For me kasi it is a curse of him that most of the time, the first impression of the parents with him is not good because of all the issues that he has gone through. Kailangan nya talaga patunayan ‘yung sarili niya sa magulang ng babae.

Having said this, Cuenca stressed that he did not lack effort in saying sorry to Guinoo and Ricks.

He has apologized talaga so many times and the brek-up was okay.

He does not know why it was easy for him at that time to have moved on right away.

Masakit talaga ‘yun kasi he has been at the receiving end of that one.

Parang umaasa ka pa rin, mahal na mahal mo pa rin yung tao, okay naman ang breakup niyo, umaasa ka pa rin and then one day may boyfriend na, he said.

Asked if he tried to make amends, Cuenca said but he thinks that is something that needs to be very personal.

He tried a couple of times but it is not yet the right time.