Piolo Pascual Reveals his Plans to Settle Down

Piolo Pascual reveals his plans of settling down when the right one finally comes along.

He turned 35 in January, would settle down before turning 40 and would want to have more children with his future spouse.

The actor was KC Concepcion’s former boyfriend. They broke up after some months of being together.

Pascual is the lead star in Star Cinema’s ‘Every Breath U Take’ opposite actress Angelica Panganiban.

The movie is directed by Mae Czarina Cruz and scheduled to premiere on May 16.

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  1. Piolo has human rights and he deserves to be happy on whatever he chooses to do and be with..His Life is his business and if others chooses to step on his being..let God be the judge for their actions..I am not a fan but the man is more than a gentleman than those claiming to be real men… if be the case.. by keeping silent on those who calls themselves educated buena familia hijas y hijos.. but reveals and shouts rubbish pain then seeks compassion .. 
    There are ways of doing things..pray it always be the right way…God Bless You …

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