Sharon Cuneta has Reached Out to Aunt Helen Gamboa for Reconciliation

Helen Gamboa and niece Sharon Cuneta have made amends after their rift over political differences.

Cuneta has reached out to her aunt for reconciliation.

Sharon shared her frustration over the political history of Sotto and her husband Senator Francis Pangilinan, which divided their families.

Aside from their different political alliances during the 2004 elections, the issue also stems from Sotto not supporting Pangilinan in his bid to become Senate president.

The two exchanged hurtful words on Twitter which Senator Sotto said had finally come to an end, following their reconciliation.

The senator also affirmed his love for his niece.

It’s nice to avoid politics, unless you’re on the same side of the fence, Sotto explained.

Meanwhile, Sotto is also proud of his wife’s comeback role on the television series, ‘Walang Hanggan.’