Cristina Gonzales Borrows Underwear During Typhoon Yolanda

Former actress Cristina Gonzales was in Manila Tuesday to entrust her two daughters, Diane and Sofia to her mother Chayong.

For those who don’t know, Kring Kring’s dad is former Sampaguita Pictures matinee idol Jose Mari Gonzales.

Kring-Kring’s family have been through a lot, ‘Kung hindi sila siguro magagaling na swimmer, baka nahirapan silang maka-survive.

The former actress and now Tacloban City councilor Cristina Gonzales-Romualdez and her husband, Mayor Alfred Romualdez, were among the people who survived a storm surge caused by typhoon ‘Yolanda.

The Romualdez family lives in a house facing the Pacific Ocean.

Gonzales said around 6 a.m. Friday, they experienced strong winds and heavy rains that uprooted trees near their house.

A few minutes later, water started entering their house.

They were just floating, she was holding on to her kids.

As the water rose, people inside the house had to stand on top of tables to avoid getting swept away by the water.

They punched holes through the ceiling and to stay alive as the water continued to rise.

They had to stay inside the cemented area to avoid being pushed into the open sea, because once you get pushed into the open sea, it would be their end.

They were surrounded by water. What kept them afloat ay ang higpit ng ginawa naming paghawak sa kung anumang bagay na aming kinakapitan.

They were with her staff and kasambahays na waring nawawalan na ng pag-asang mabuhay.

She kept telling them to pray and sing Christian songs.

In times, like that, wala talaga tayong puwedeng kapitan kung hindi our faith in God.

Looking at the devastation wrecked by Typhoon Yolanda, malaki raw ang paniniwala ni Kring Kring sa tulong ng Maykapal at ng fellow Taclobanons na babangon silang muli.

The city government was prepared for typhoon Yolanda.

She said they implemented preemptive evacuations 3 days before the typhoon hit, and relief goods were positioned in different parts of the city.

Gonzales also believes that the looting in the city was done out of desperation.

She returned to the city hall to help her constituents and give needed relief goods to the victim

She is thankful that they survived the ordeal.

After the typhoon, she said that it broke her heart when she learned how her constituents suffered from the typhoon.

Gonzales also said that she even had to borrow underwear from other people.

Her husband was given a pair of pants that were believed to have come from the looted shopping mall in the city.

Gonzales denied allegations that the city government did not help the people during the typhoon.